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Media & Communications - Employability & Applicants

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

The types of jobs and careers we should expect students to go into upon graduating, unlimitless, really. The idea in the (?) support of what we do here is that they find out what they want to do and our degrees help work towards that goal. To give an example, we've got students who come out and now work in PR agencies. We've got students who will go and work and have worked in television and film. I mean, the list goes on.

When looking at applications, we obviously look at an academic record. We are also looking at potential, okay. What's important is that a student isn't just going to school. Isn't just doing the minimum of what they're asked to do and has an interest and has a passion. Sometimes the student will come in for an interview, and if the prospective student can talk with a passion and with some authority about a subject, then I'm going to find that student sometimes more interesting and to have more potential than somebody who just gets the grades, if you like.

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