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Nathan Hughes - Employability & Applicants

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

After graduating from our post-graduate program, students go into a whole range of careers. It would be common for people to go into the civil service, or to become political advisors. It might be that they take up management positions in local secondary services. Often people go and work for pressure groups or large charities, or indeed for local volunteer organizations, creating their own charities in their local area. A number of our students also go onto careers in research, either in research organizations or through further study here and moving on to our PhD program.

Essentially, what we're looking for in our student, there's no particular prior area of study that we require, and our students come from a whole range of different academic disciplines, and it's indeed that breadth of different prior study amongst our students that brings key strengths to the classroom. We typically will have students from undergraduate careers in economics and politics and sociology, all bringing different perspectives to bear on the problems we are discussing in the classroom. They key thing really, is an interest in the issues you're going to be researching and learning about, and a key interest in social problems in society.

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