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Patricia Baker - Employability and Applicants

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10th July 2013

Most of our students, well, they have quite a few options given the background they will obtain from doing the MA. But a lot of them will go into the heritage sector, either working in the museums or heritage management, such as English heritage. We have others who work on our field archaeological sites or with archaeological units.

Others go into teaching, school level, and others some will actually go and do PhD's, so they can do quite a lot with their degree. In an applicant, we want to see that they're able to do the MA level work, so we'll look for somebody who's done a two-one as an undergraduate. The reason is to just make sure that they're able to do the higher level of research and be able to carry on a lot of work on their own.

Other than that, we like to see students of quite a variety of subjects and a variety of interests so they don't have to come to us with a straight degree in archaeology or ancient history. We do allow them to come from other subjects as well.

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