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Paul Fretwell - Employability and Applicants

Last Updated:

17th December 2013

We've got a very good employability record here at Kent. The most recent data we have for our music graduates, I think it was over 90 percent are in full time employment or further education. So we're very proud of that. We think our courses do prepare students for achieving the sort of jobs and aims they want out of their life. The sort of person we like to see applying for our programmess here, we very much like people who have an interest in creative ideas, who want to develop something interesting, develop their own musical language, explore something a little bit more unusual. Some of that's developing your own musical language, or developing software or technology, or using technology in interesting ways, we're very keen to support students in those aims. And I think that's the key thing we look for really. And an open mind because we like to give students the opportunity to confront new ideas and new issues. Think about things they haven't thought about before. And interact with other art forms and other disciplines is very key to what we do here.

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