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Philip Oliver - Employability

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Philip Oliver: Our department in particular has software and facilities related to what you're talking about there. So we have alliances with companies like SAP which is an enterprise results planning and big software organization and we actually have an alliance with them so that they provide the software. So we teach the students about ERP systems and we actually get them so they are able to use the software. So that's a great fill-up for us. The other one is we have an alliance with SUPS which is a business intelligence bit of software, and again the students have access to that. And we have staff to project management train so they have access to them so. And underlying all that is one of the most IT enabled universities certainly in the north east and around the country so this is fantastic.

Steve Ball: The types of jobs that our students go into are the hybrids management jobs where people who are in the middle management of maybe as an IT manager or a project manager a business analyst. We have had some students who've gone into the top level at CEO level as well. So there's quite a range.

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