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Simon Collinson - Employability

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

We know through our excellent contacts with businesses and with other kinds of organizations, what kind of careers our students are moving into, and what kind of skills and capabilities they need to go into those careers. And again, we're ranked top, in terms of employability on a number of our programs, and as a business school, we're at top of the rankings, in terms of that one criteria.

So businesses target our students, for not just excellent academic qualifications, but experience. Having done internships, having done placements during their degree program, they've built up a portfolio of skills and capabilities that companies value. They add that to the academic qualification for Russell Group University, and that's the kind of thing they're looking for. So our students go on to consulting, to working in large multinationals, to work in banks, in the accountancy profession, you name it, they're going to all sorts of businesses.

We're also a very international business school, and we have students here from over 60 different countries. So students leave here both with already international contacts with the students that they're working with, international connections with the kinds of businesses that they're working with while they're here, and that gives them the opportunity to move into jobs abroad and international careers in general.

We offer a number of placements and internships abroad. We also teach actively in Singapore, in Hong Kong, and in mainland China, as well as other parts of the world, on our MBA programs and also on our undergraduate degrees.

So, this again is something that companies are looking for in students, and we give them that international experience while they're here.

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