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Reasons to Study a Journalism PGDip


Journalism is a competitive area. If you’re considering a PGDip in the likes of magazine, print of broadcast journalism, you’ll probably already be well aware of this (and if you aren’t now, you almost certainly will be by the time you graduate and start looking for work). Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who have a postgraduate journalism qualification, a tonne of work experience, or both of the above. With that in mind, if you’re hoping to forge a career in journalism, having a PGDip is nowadays closer to a requirement than a luxury. If you’re still not convinced, though, here are some more reasons why doing a Journalism PGDip is a good idea…


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Building your Skillset

With the ongoing digitalisation of the media and the increasing emphasis being placed on multimedia content, saying that journalism is a changing industry is now something of an understatement. Building a current skillset and becoming familiar with the likes of social media, writing for online and SEO is more important than ever; any PGDip in Journalism should equip you with these skills, giving you an up-to-date armoury to take with you into the workplace.


Gaining Work Experience

As mentioned earlier, having some work experience on your CV is absolutely crucial when you start applying for jobs. Many postgraduate journalism courses now have periods of term-time set aside specifically for work placements, allowing you to build up your real-world experience while you study. Many courses will also have the industry connections to help you find these placements, and some will even arrange your work experience for you. Any experience you can build while studying will prove immensely helpful when looking for work (and if you impress your employer while you’re on placement, you may even be able to line up a job with them for after the course finishes).


Becoming More Employable

The simple fact is, having a PGDip in Journalism will make you that much more employable in the eyes of many companies (and for some the qualification be an essential requirement). Many of these courses will require you to undertake tasks which mirror the kinds of things you’ll be doing in the work environment (whether it’s taking part in a live news programme or creating a magazine from scratch), giving you plenty of relevant experience to discuss in your CV and at interview.  


Alumni Connections

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the benefits of doing a Journalism PGDip won’t just end as soon as you’ve graduated and found work. Many tutors who run these courses are in contact with a wide network of alumni, many of whom will be in a range of (often senior) positions across various companies. Once you’ve graduated you’ll always have the course you’ve studied in common with past students, many of whom might be able to notify you – through emails and social media – of roles that have come up within their organisations. Make sure you join any course Facebook groups so you’re always aware of any job recommendations that come up!


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