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Paul Royston - Contact Time

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

Another important aspect, of course, is the flexibility. There is a choice to send, you can choose whether to do a dissertation module or the internship module. You can also choose whether to study the course full time or part time. To study it full time, the course is scheduled across two days a week in terms of class contact time. There's approximately twelve hours of class contact time a week.

That's quite deliberate because, you know, a lot of students also need to be working, doing part time work for money. And sometimes they're working quite often in the property industry to get property experience as well. So, by constraining the actual contact time to two days, it means that our students are able to schedule their various activities much more efficiently. At total, you can study the course by part time mode and that's over two years. And that involves coming into the university one day a week.

We have an excellent team of academic staff here, drawing from a lot of professions, have a lot of top surveyors. We have planners. We have architects. We have economists. So, some staff come from a service background. So, we have staff that have PhDs. Most staff have either recently or a little bit longer ago worked in industry. So, they come with a very good knowledge of the industry.

And basically, as I was saying, most of them are top surveyors, so they've been through the process that most of our students aspire to do, that they want to become top surveyors. So, that gives them a really good inside to know how to do that. Staff are very approachable. And we basically have an open door policy where staff will give help to students if students approach them and spend time with them. And they're very dedicated to helping the students.

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