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Penny Carey - Legal Studies Diploma and MA Law

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12th June 2014

Let's start with the graduate diploma in Legal Studies. So this is a conversion course for nominal students. I would say perhaps what differentiates us from other providers is that we recognize the intensive nature of the course, the fact that you've got to get eight different subject areas under your belt in just one year. So rather than going for an approach which requires you to cover all of those at the same time, what we do is focus on four, first of all, which means you can really get under the skin of the subject. Then we move onto look at another three and you do an independent learning study module.

You can study probably more flexibly than any other provider offers. You can do it full-time, part-time or by distance learning. And whatever mode of study you're up for you'll find the same level of support provided. All of our sessions are recorded, for example, and made available for students so that they can review them and watch them again at their leisure. We also offers outline answers to all the teaching sessions so that students can really ensure that they've properly understood a subject area.

And, same as with our Master's in Law, our graduate diploma in Legal Studies is taught by experienced academics. People who are well-read, well-known in their field, and who've published extensively in this area many of the leading text books from which the students will be studying.

So just moving on to talk about the Master's in Law, what we've recognized is that legal practice demands are changing. So we've tried to emphasize the innovative areas where practice is going to be emerging and growing in the next five, to ten, to fifteen years. So students can come here and study cutting edge subjects in, for example, telecommunications law, international law, commercial law, e-commerce, and maritime law.

We offer flexible named pathways so students can choose to specialize not just in one pathway area, but in two, and that will be reflected in a double batched award.

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