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Postgraduate Article Archive

  • A Guide to Postgraduate Psychology

    Psychology is a popular, fascinating subject that affects everyone. Giving insight into the behaviour and thoughts of both individuals and groups and the environmental factors that influence these; ps...

    15th July 2014
  • Postgraduate TESOL Courses: a Guide

    What’s the difference between TEFL and TESOL? TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) became TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and now the shortened version- ESOL -is t...

    15th July 2014
  • An Insight into Postgraduate Events Management

    If you’re serious about a career in events management you might be thinking about a postgraduate course. You may already work in the sector or a related area and want to focus your ambition or you may...

    15th July 2014
  • Postgraduate Physiotherapy: A Guide

    What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is the practice of aiding injured, ill or elderly people to restore their physical health and movement whilst catering to their individual needs and circumstanc...

    22nd July 2014
  • Careers Options for Postgraduate Creative Arts Students

    Many students with qualifications in the creative arts study with the intention of becoming practitioners in their chosen field. However, competition for such roles is highly competitive and as such, ...

    15th January 2016
  • A Guide to Postgraduate Law

    Do you find yourself constantly getting into debates – and winning? Are you a regular at protests and demonstrations? Do you have an interest in criminology, human rights, or the environment? If you’r...

    04th November 2015
  • Postgraduate Careers in Engineering

    Engineering is a varied course of study and lends itself to a wide range of specialist subject areas. Taking a postgraduate course may be an option you are considering, as your career path will very m...

    19th August 2015
  • What is a PGDip?

    A Postgraduate Diploma (also known as a PGDip) is a postgraduate qualification offered across a range of different subjects. PGDips are typically vocational courses designed to further your skills in ...

    15th July 2014
  • What Is Occupational Therapy?

    Interested in a career where you can actually help people? Then occupational therapy might be for you. We explain what the subject is, where it can take you and why you should study it. Contents ...

    16th February 2017
  • Finance Subject Guide

    Are you a whizz with numbers and savvy with your savings account? Know when to start selling off your old possessions on eBay and when you should be buying up the bargains? Whether you see yourself as...

    28th July 2016