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Alasdair Archibald - Employability

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

At the post graduate level a lot of the people who come in to do our masters programs for example, are aiming at jobs in the area of linguistics, applied linguistics, and language teaching. Quite a large number of our MA students on the MA and English language teaching, also in the MA and applied linguistics for language teaching are really aiming at jobs either in teaching or around teaching, so in administration, that sort of thing. So international students might come to do the masters Degree and then go back to their country to work either in a university, or in high schools, or perhaps even in the education ministry, in these areas.

The MA and applied linguistics for research methodology, as I said earlier, deals with people who want more background in research in terms of applied linguistics. Students who complete that degree, a lot of them do go on to do PhDs. Those that don't, we have language teachers in schools who simply want to know about research as part of their teaching. They want to know what can they do in their schools to improve the teaching and knowing about language based research and educational based research is a very important way of doing that.

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