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Alexandra Kelso - Staff and Contact Hours

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

Something we're really proud about is that all of our staff are research active. So all of us are engaged in one way or another, on some kind of research at all times, and that then feeds directly into the kind of teaching that we deliver. So, there's a real link between the kind of work that we are doing, the work that we're publishing, the research grants that we have, and what you then have in the classroom. We don't have an approach where you're stuck with the textbooks, and you don't know what scholars are currently doing. It's very much at the forefront of what we are researching.

Well, in each of the semesters that a master student would be with us, they would take approximately three modules. It depends on how the points assigned to each, work out. But for each module that you take, you're in the classroom for about two, sometimes three hours, depending on how the different members of staff have organized it. So that's dedicated time in the classroom with whoever is running the module.

But we don't see contact time as ending there. All staff have contact hours, contact and feedback hours, and we see that as fundamental to students getting the most out of the program. And they're always encouraged to come and get more help, more advice, and if they just want to discuss issues, then that's what that time is there for. So, we are very flexible when it comes to that.

The time with your module lecturer doesn't end when you go out of the classroom. And in terms of if you want to be very expansive about contact hours, staff encourage students to come along to our visiting speakers, for example. We have lots of visiting speakers, many of whom are addressing exactly the kind of problems and questions and debates that we're looking at in the classroom. I find year in, year out, that the students who get the most out of the program, are the ones who also come along for those kinds of opportunities.

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