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Andrew Wilson - Career Prospects

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

We, at Bradford, have programs here that span now 40 years of training and expertise at postgraduate level. We are world leading in terms of provision of master's training. We have many of our students coming from overseas, because of the reputation that's been built over 40 years at Bradford. Our students can come from many different backgrounds, in fact we see it as an advantage, given the sort of multi disciplinary approach we take at Bradford, that Bradford brand as it were, for our political sciences.

Our master students have very good career prospects in that we're training our students with highly practitioner focus skill sets. It puts them ahead of the jobs market in many cases. Whether it's from the humanities angle, looking at museums and curation facilities, whether it's in archaeology and heritage management or heritage science and the wider historic environment, right through to, courses like our masters in forensic archaeology crime scene investigation where students have that option of furthering their careers in archaeology, but also jobs and opportunities open up in all areas of law enforcement and crime scene investigation.

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