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Aylish Wood - Facilities and Strengths

Last Updated:

10th July 2013

The department sits within the School of Arts. We have a post-graduate study room with dedicated computers and a printer available for students to use. We also have screening facilities which are set up in surround sound digital projection where all of our screenings take place for the MA majors. And in terms of for practice, we have a range of facilities available. We have high definition cameras, we have sound booth facilities, we also have a green screen and we have entertainment suites with final cut pro available.

The main strengths of the department, and I'll go through them alphabetically, we have American, our expertise is in American cinema history star and performance. We have an interest in cinema, avant garde film practice and theory, British and Continental European Cinema. We also have expertise in digital cinema and animation, documentary theory and practice, Hispanic cinema, narrative theory and screen. We also have some particular expertise in film theory as well, including comedy film theory and also continental and analytic.

All of these research interest feed into a major possibilities for our postgraduate students. To give you some sense of the different things that our postgraduate students have studied, I'll just give you some sense of the MA dissertations carried out last year. This included star studies of Nicolas Cage, (?), Women, Death and Drive, Urban Foreign Films, Cognitive Theory, CGI Animation and also theory.

In terms of PhD topics, areas include Slow Cinema, Horror in British Cinema, Superhero Bodies Engagement and Animated Characters. We also have students looking at Italian American Masculinity and that's it.

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