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Chris Dorsett - Facilities and Resources

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Major thing, which anyone would say, knows Northumbria at the moment, of course. Our major thing on offer, which is really the recent one with creating this MFA course, is the partnership with Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts which has established an institute and a new facility, Baltic 39, which we share with Baltic, so there's a top floor, which is a gallery where Baltic does it's most experiment curatorial work and then studios where all our postgraduates operate as artists, and where they attend seminars and participate in joint crits and things like that. So, that's the major facility and it's unique. You'll go a long way to find something as remarkable as a relationship like that with a major international museum.

The other facility that is very important because we're a department of visual performing arts, there's a special relationship between performance and fine art and we have staff, fine art staff, who are established performance artists, Sandra Johnson for example. But we also have lots of interaction with people whose background is in drama or performance. That's an important part of the whole character as a fine art department.

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