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Dan Lloyd - Department Overview

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

Students would expect to have about two or three contact hours with members of staff. That's true of the option courses as well as the core course. And on top of that you'd probably extracurricular courses, plus dissertation supervision would typically involve one on one contact in a series of meetings beginning in the spring term and then going on through the summer.

We're part of the international, so we've got staff who have degrees, for example, from Australian, American, and European universities but who've all come together and are teaching in our department. So it's a very international environment.

I think the thing I particularly like about this department and the University of Kent, I recently arrived from the University of Scotland, is I particularly like the location of the university. The fact that it has all the wonderful qualities of a very beautiful small town surrounded by wonderful countryside. There's a marvelous quality of life. But, you're so near to major art centres like London and Paris, so I think that's a fantastic asset to the University of Kent.

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