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David Gilbert - Employability and Applicants

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

We've got five very different master's programs, something like the program in sustainability in management. It's got some very obvious career directions built into it. People there are learning about corporate social responsibility, they're learning about environmental management, and there's a clear pathway from that kind into certain kinds of work. You've got people that are doing the master's in practicing sustainable development, many of those people coming from global south and from other areas, getting work in NGOs. There's a specialist stream there in information technology for development that's got some very clear career paths. Many of them go on to do PhDs. Many of them have gone on, then, into academic careers.

We aim high, intellectually, as well. Some colleagues of mine in the quaternary science group just came back from a major conference in that area of their work. They were saying they were looking around the main plenary lecture and they were just spotting people that had done the masters before, people whose careers had started here at Royal Holloway and gone off, gone on, to be really quite influential thinkers.

What do we look for in an applicant? Well, we want people that are good. But, I think more, we want people that are really committed to the discipline and committed to those areas of specialism. The degrees that we run are about things that really matter. They're about sustainability, development, cultural identity, long-term environmental change. I think the thing that we say to people is you want to come here because you're passionate about these kinds of issues, because we're passionate about those kinds of issues, too.

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