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Denis Kobzev - Employability

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

To a certain extent, we can judge the success of our program on the basis of success of our graduates. I can tell you that they are working almost in every key sectors of Yorkshire, the UK, and global economy. Let me just give you a couple of examples. So Leeds is not surprisingly considered as the second financial and retail center in the UK after London. A lot of our graduates are finding jobs in managerial and leadership positions within the retail sector with companies like Debenhams, Asda Walmart, Morrisons, Barratts, and PC World.

Financial and insurance services are another big area. Our graduates go on to positions in Lloyds, Hallifax, Darians, Lion Group. Of course, such important these days are telecommunication sectors. Our recent graduates found positions in Royal Mail Post Office, British Telecom, and a variety of digital and internet business companies.

Probably the other sector which is important to everybody these days is health and wellbeing. Our graduates are employed in those managerial positions with NHS, L'Oreal, LA Fitness, so quite a broad range of companies. Hospitality, tourism, and catering are the biggest sectors of global economy and it is big in Yorkshire too. Annually, we are attracting more tourists than Disneyland Paris. Not surprisingly, it's also a big sector of economy which is attracting our graduates.

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