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Don Gray - School Overview

Last Updated:

16th July 2013

We're a relatively new school of architecture. We were founded in 2005. Since that time we've been growing the school to the extent that we now have this new fantastic Crit and postgraduate space. Our postgraduate offer at the moment is M.A.'s in architecture in cities, we do an M.A. in architectural visualization which is a very high end digital program, and we've just recently started an MSc in sustainable architecture. So, the offer ranges from historical to practical and now measurement and analysis.

Students are taught in two different ways. They come in as postgraduate taught in which case they attend a series of lecture programs. They undertake visits to Paris, Brussels, Lyon, places that we can get to very easily from Canterbury because of the Eurostar connection.

There's nothing quite to beat the buzz and excitement of walking into this space when the students are preparing to present their design work. There's a hubbub of activity. There are models everywhere. The screens are humming. People are really interested in their subject, and that's just the best feeling.

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