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Fiona Jordan - Applicants

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

With applicants, we have our general entry requirements and those will vary slightly between programs. Generally speaking, we would look for an applicant with an upper second degree or an equivalent qualification. It's very important though, to recognize that we don't just look for applicants with those first degrees. That's our kind of standard entry, if you like. However, we will generally also look at individual applicants who don't necessarily have the required qualifications, but might have significant work experience. So, we are looking really for people who want to do the program, and people that we feel are equipped to do the program. That's really what we're looking at in terms of entry. What I would always advise students to do when they're thinking about applying is think about the personal statement. Because if your application goes to a program manager, what we're really interested in is, are you enthusiastic about this subject? Masters level study is guided study, but there's a lot of autonomy over what you learn. And actually enthusiasm, motivation, a clear sense of where you want to a postgraduate qualification to take you; is it a new career? Is it pursuing an interest in a subject? Is it both of those? Is it a change of career? So, what is it that you are wanting to get out of your masters degree, because the more that you can be clear about that, the better it is in terms of your motivation. And actually, the easier it is for us to ensure that you are coming on to the right program that will help you to develop those.

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