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Fiona Ward - Postgraduate Applicants and Career Prospects

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

We are looking for somebody who has a clear idea of where they want to go, who is looking to develop both as a professional and as a creative. And as part of that we have in our postgraduate division in the M.A. by creative practice we can draw on a range of speakers, and we can draw on people who will come and talk from the business point of view about applying for arts funding, about drawing up C.V.'s, and about putting together business plans. So, very much that's one of our unique selling points is the fact that we do have this strong professional practice element which goes straight through from the very first module the students do right through to the final project.

Some of them, as I said, come straight from university within fine and applied arts. They often go on to become independent makers. We have some who've achieved considerable success, in metal work in particular. We've got some very good alumni. We have professional performers, actors, people who've set up their own theatre companies. We have people who go into teaching and people who also perhaps want to enter the creative industries at a more administrative level.

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