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Frank Keating - Jobs and Applicants

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Well, the Masters, they will take on an entry level, social work pose. So, people have gone on to work in families, to work in older people services, to work in leaving care services. We look for somebody who has the intellectual capacity to undertake a masters and we assess that through, our minimum entry requirement is, that somebody should have 2.1 classification. But we also, look for prior experience. So, we expect that, at the point of application, that somebody would have at least, a minimum of six months experience in a social care related field, six months full time or 12 months part time.

But we also look for somebody, who has the emotional tenacity to undertake the program. It's a demanding program, its full time, it involves these two placements and so, we look for some emotional maturity. And for that reason, we interview every applicant for our program, for the qualifying program and it's a fairly intensive selection process. They do a written test, they do group exercises and they do an individual interview, to make sure that we've assessed the intellectual acumen but also, their emotional abilities to take the program.

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