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Franz Huber - Department Overview and Strengths

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

We have a diverse group with experts in various fields which complement each other. One main strength is that we have a lot of expertise on the geographical dimensions for entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy. A couple of members are working on the areas of how the national or regional context matters for entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy. We also have experts on the international dimensions, the global dimensions. So, this is a very specific expertise of our group.

A second strength I think is that we have significant knowledge on social dimensions for innovation and entrepreneurship, so around social networks the role of age or ethnicity, or social entrepreneurship, or social responsible innovation.

I think that another strength, a generic strength of our group is that all of us are, I think, very good communicators who are able to explain sometimes difficult ideas in simple words, which helps.

In our dynamic world there's a great need for people who are able to strategically navigate through the dynamic challenges and who have an understanding of the latest trends in innovation and innovation management. After all, innovation is the driving force for economic growth and business success.

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