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Jane De Gay - Applicants

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Essentially, we're looking for some detailed knowledge and background in Victorian Studies, so some evidence that the student will have studied some Victorian texts or aspects of Victorian history at undergraduate level and can come to an interview and speak about them with enthusiasm.

But equally, perhaps some students who haven't studied those aspects particularly at their undergraduate course, perhaps some evidence of interest in perhaps belonging to a society like the Bronte Society and participation in that, or interest in looking at galleries and being able to perhaps volunteer in that art galleries and able to talk about those and how they see the Victorian Era represented.

We do ask for, the normal requirement is a good BA degree in a relevant subject but because it's a disciplinary then of course, obviously, the relevant subject might be quite flexible. And equally we do look perhaps for mature students at some professional qualifications as well as part of the impression that we might form of their knowledge, experience and background.

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