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Jeanice Brooks - Employability

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

Our students go on to lots of different kinds of careers. Some of them go on to be freelancers in various capacities. Many of the composers and performers do so. Many go on to careers in academia and in fact they're South Hampton PhD's in virtually every music department in the UK as well in certain music departments abroad.

Lots of our students also go on to careers outside of academia. There's a South Hampton PhD who's currently hosting many of the classical music programs on " Radio Free" for example. Some go on to do music administration. Occupying positions administrating concert halls and orchestras. Some of them go on to careers as writers from where general public outside of academia. Some have gone on to careers in Heritage and Heritage management. There's a very wide range of careers open to people with post-graduate diplomas of various kinds from Southhampton.

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