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Jeanice Brooks - Facilities

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

Well, we have a number of kind of general facilities that everyone uses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including things like practice rooms for people involved in performance. Recording studios and editing studios for people who are working on composition and using electronic materials for their work.

We also have one of the best concert halls in the region, the Turner Sims, which is a very busy, lively, professional concert hall with a very active program of events put on both by visiting professionals and by students, undergraduate and postgraduate.

We also have a big collection of departmental instruments, including lots of early instruments. In particular, we have a specialist keyboard room with historical keyboards. Both replicas of historical harpsichords and a fairly large collection of early pianos, original early pianos.

And we have lots of other instruments, both historical and modern instruments, that are available both to performers. But also to researchers and to composers who are interested in those areas.

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