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Jeremy Ridgman - Postgraduate Overview

Last Updated:

12th June 2014

The School of Humanities at the University of Hertfordshire covers six broad subject areas. There's English literature and creative writing, history, philosophy, languages, multimedia communications, and English language and communication.

At post-graduate level, we have a number of taught MA programs, and we also have MA programs by research. Students who want to do an MA program by research can do it in history, in English literature, in philosophy. But we also have the taught programs. Those are a year or two years long, depending on whether it's full time or part time.Those programs are in media communications and journalism, film and television aesthetics, English literature, modern English literature, and also in creative writing.

Most of the skills and knowledge that we impart in our students, of course, are academic skills. The programs are there to enhance people's understanding of the significant areas of understanding of culture, and students will be taking some of those courses in order to move on in their profession, particularly if they are, for example, in the teaching profession or in some area of public service.

We also, through our programs in things like media and communications and journalism, we provide students the opportunity to move on into working in areas such as advertising, corporate affairs, corporate communication, things like that.

For a post-graduate course such as the ones we're offering, we would normally expect students to have a good first degree, good honors degree, which would be usually a two one, a first or a upper second class degree. We obviously expect them to have a lively interest in the subject that they want to study and be able to demonstrate how they're going to benefit from taking that subject on into a post-graduate level.

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