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Jeremy Ridgman - Staff and Contact Time

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

Well, we obviously have a number of our members and staff who are highly qualified. They all have PhDs. A number of them would be professors who would be teaching on these courses. So, they come from a research-based background with a very, very strong area of knowledge here and great expertise. Many of them will be publishing and many of them will be disseminating the knowledge for the media and things like that. So, they're very, very active in their fields. We also, of course, employ a number of professionals, people who are either journalists or ex-journalists, teaching on our programs. So, students are getting contact there very much with people cold face of their industries.

Well, a student who's taking a postgraduate course, a taught postgraduate course, would normally expect to have roughly about six hours a week of class contact time. We would usually condense that into one working day if we possibly can, to fit into students' other work commitments outside because quite a lot of our students might be taking it part time.

Obviously, if a student is doing an MA or PhD by research, then the class contact time is fairly limited. It's limited to what we would call supervisions, to short meetings but regularly spaced through the project itself. I think the thing I like most about the school of humanities is it's a very lively environment. We've got a range of different people all working in very, very interesting diverse sorts of areas. And as the dean of the school, I always feel I'm learning something new whenever I talk to a member of the staff. I'm learning something about an area they're teaching in or particularly an area of their research. And it's that breadth of interest, that really lively research environment, which I find really stimulating.

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