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John Wann - Facilities

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

We have good facilities for social and developmental research. We have strong facilities for cognitive psychology research, particularly in language. And we have excellent facilities for neuroscience. So we have our own dedicated MRI scanner.

We have a separate brain imaging method called EEG or ERP which is less invasive. We also have things called TMS, which is another way of looking at brain function. And a whole range of supportive facilities such as eye or gaze tracking. And If you're using these technologies, it's not that you're just working in a very small area of psychology.

Increasingly, these technologie are used to look at all sorts of areas. Right the way across the [root] of human behavior, we're looking at how neurosystems support that kind of behavior. So we have facilities for that kind of research and anybody coming into the department can choose whatever path they think is best to explore a particular problem set.

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