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Jose Luiz Fiadeiro - Applicants

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

I think [one] should have a good background depending on which topic, of course, you want to study. Right. The areas that we cover in computer science require, normally, some analytical skill, so that students can really benefit from the training that they will have. Something that is absolutely essential is curiosity.

Students will need to want to do something, that cares about something, something [that triumphs] the time that is spent with us and that is true of both the [two] programs, because we offer wide variety of really very exciting topics that they can study, computer science, economics, information security, management, mathematics. And that's because computer science is a very interdisciplinary topic. So students should have that curiosity of wanting to do something in particular so that they can then tailor their degrees according to their own interest and to profile that they want to have later in life.

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