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Judith Lock - Wildlife Course overview

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

It's quite a special course, because it's a collaborative course with Marwell Wildlife, which is based near Winchester. It's about 11 miles from here. And although there's a few similar Masters programs at other universities, this is the program that has the most collaboration with a conservation organization, people who are actively working, doing what the students are aspiring to do. I'm one of the program directors here at the University. There's also a program director at Marwell Wildlife, and modules are taught both here and at Marwell, and your research is on Marwell projects. So they have an actual purpose, and an application that is involved in active wildlife conservation.

The best things about the course will be that you're part of the community here within the Center for Biological Sciences. You'll be one of the research postgraduate students. You'll be taught with some other postgraduate students as well, and wider than that, there's other MRes. courses within the Faculty, so you can be interacting with those students. In fact, that's what we'd hope, that students would start to form a bit of a social network to support each other. And that's one of the main selling points about Southampton. I'd certainly noticed it, when I started here. There is a nice community feeling, and we hope that's what the students will pick up on. And again at Marwell, you'll be part of a team. So you're not on your own, there's a lot of support, and that's how research works. So, you'll have a good experience.

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