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Julian Johnson - Facilities, Strengths and Bursaries

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

In the case of electronic composition, there is a designated studio, actually it's located in the North Tower of Founders' Building, with a range of the latest hardware and software programs for the creation of experimental electronic music.

We have a number of wonderful performance spaces across campus, including the Windsor Building auditorium, and the Picture Gallery, and of course the Victorian College Chapel, the wonderful acoustic. So, performers get a choice of where they might like to give their recital.

The department can offer a number of funding opportunities. In the case of PhD students, we have currently three AHRC studentships per year to award, plus a number of college scholarships and bursaries, which run from fee waivers, including overseas fee waivers, all the way up to the Reid Scholarship, which offers a home fee waiver, plus 15-and-a-half hundred pounds towards your maintenance.

Funding opportunities for Master's students here include one AHR studentship per year, plus up to four fee waivers, which the department offers as competitive bursaries. The main strengths of the department lie in the people here. That is to say, the staff, the dedication with which they lead research and lead the teaching that emanates from their research. Almost all of our staff would tell you that most of their teaching comes straight out of their research. And there's a kind of freshness to it, which students find very engaging. And many of our students will have come here specifically to study with individual members.

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