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Kay Wheat - Facilities

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

For all students, we offer dedicated students support in areas like pastoral care, and financial advice, and careers advice. And within the law school we have dedicated careers advisers in help in preparation of CVs and we also offer help with finding short term placements for post graduate students. We have a specifically dedicated post graduate library. And within the law school and the university we offer pastoral support and advice for students who have difficulties, particularly students with disabilities.

For international students, there is an international students support office, and within the LLM program, we offer dedicated English language support throughout whole of the program. We're very fortunate to have a number of staff who are highly regarded and who are specialists in their areas, in particular health law and insolvency law. We have a number of readers and professors in the area of public international law, international criminal justice, and various aspects of public law. We do offer a stream in sports law. There are probably only about a dozen dedicated sports lawyers in the country, and we're fortunate to have some within the law school who fits that bill.

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