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Louis Passfield - Facilities and Staff

Last Updated:

31st May 2013

We've got some outstanding facilities and we're really fortunate that it's part of the Olympic preparations for London 2012 Olympics. We invested in facilities and new laboratories both on campus and also in conjunction with the local council. Midway Park with is a local sports centre where we've got dedicated space within a regional centre of sporting excellence. And it was also designated for an Olympic training camp.

So we've got some outstanding laboratories, sports injury clinics but also they're superbly equipped as well because we anticipated that we'd be working with Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the run up to the Olympic Games, which we were.

So in terms of staff expertise I think that's a real selling point within our department. So my own background is working in high performance sports. I worked with British cycling in the run up to the Beijing Olympics and most recently London Olympics as well.

Professor Sam Marcora is a world leading expert in mental fatigue. And then we have a range of other researchers within the department in the endurance research group. So Glen Davison works in nutrition and immunology, Lex Mauger works in mental fatigue and also pacing. I could go on and on, on the endurance side.

And then on the Sports Therapy and Health and Exercise side we have Karen Hambly who is again a world leading expert in knee injuries and rehabilitation from knee injuries as well. So our team of lecturers across our postgraduate taught courses are world leading experts in their distinct fields.

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