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MA Luxury Brand Management - Learning Experience

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

The learning experience in the program technically is made up of lectures, seminars and tutorials with particular tutors. Lectures and seminars are on a ratio of 2:1 seminars to lectures. So weekly per module you have a lecture then you'll have double the amount of time for seminars. If you look at the particular subject to the lecture more depth. Seminars may take a number of different forms. They are usually applying the knowledge learned in lectures so they could be case studies, could be presentations students are asked to perform on a weekly basis and so on. Overall, this is what we try to do is get students to apply in theory. Theory in itself is good and knowledge is good, but actually what we are looking for in here is students to apply it. For example, one of the assessments for last semester was how you would set up a luxury boutique. The students they love doing this, it's very practical it got them out looking around London, different parts for locations, got them understanding real estate costs. I was able to bring in property real estate people to talk about this and give them some direction. They were able to look at what vintage meant for example. We had a wide range of examples of this from books to clothes to wines and to chandeliers even. I think it's that sort of freedom and application that made the learning experience that much stronger.

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