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Management, Business & HRM - Overview

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09th July 2013

My name's Michael Nieto. I'm the Deputy of the Department of Business Management and Human Resources. I work a lot on the post-graduate program. Here's an overview. We have an MBA program. We have Master's programs in globalization and international business. What is really quite special about us is they are accredited, all of this particular suite, by the Chartered Management Institute.

For our students graduating, they graduate with their Master's degree but they also have an immediate opportunity to become part of a professional body. For example, we've got courses in the MBA. We've got Master's programs in global business. The kind of skills that students develop from that is working in the community of international students. We have 130 different countries represented here. They're learning transferable skills working in different environments and different cultures. They are building their confidence in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In common with any university; Yes we've got the Thate Library, which is a superb facility, books, and online resources. We've got studios, we've got lecture theaters, but mostly it's that kind of personal service, that personal response that we give to our students, the way that we look after them. We've got people who are writing for the academic textbooks that other universities are using on their core programs both in the UK and abroad. We have colleagues who are entrepreneurs who come in and bring that expertise. We have people who are working from industry and in academia who can really give students what's actually happening now both from an academic perspective and from a business perspective. For us the student is the center of everything we do. Because the student's the center of everything we do, we pay particular attention and interest of working with them, listening to them. For example, I've seen colleagues working with dissertation students or small seminar groups or taking them into a studio and working and developing ideas. I think that's what's different about us.

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