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Mary Read - Applicants

Last Updated:

09th July 2013

We have a wide range of people applying to us for post graduate study. I think one of the things that's quite important is that we're not necessarily looking for someone who's got huge academic skills. We are looking at how we can support somebody who's go some kind of professional interest and things they want to work on and we'll support them to put together the right package of academic skills to do the readings, to write at that level, to kind of work with texts that are harder, perhaps than those they might have looked at before.

So I suppose what we're looking for is people who are open minded, who are prepared to put in the work that part-time study obviously involves, who are interested in engaging in some kind of debate, discussion around their professional expertise, and are looking for that engagement with the staff team who are people who know a lot about their field.

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