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Michael Rovastsos - Postgraduate Courses

Last Updated:

10th July 2013

So, in a department we offer four programs, four MSc programs in artificial intelligence, computer science, cognitive science and informatics. And they all come with various specializations, that students can pick courses from an overall we teach around 50 MSc courses that students can pick from, together with several options from our undergraduate course portfolio. We train students in the broad range of courses, ranging from theoretical, mathematical skills to do with computing, to very applied skills and software engineering, programming, experimenting design, evaluating systems and so on. And our vote for your course is very, very broad. It can accommodate a broad variety of student backgrounds. We have lots of applicants, from very different areas that focus on different parts of informatics, such as computer science, artificial intelligence and software engineering.

Basically we, our degree is very competitive and we expect students to have at least, a good second honors degree in a related discipline, some programming experience. And although we do accommodate for conversion from other backgrounds, most of our students do have a background in some area of computing or mathematics. Some related discipline.

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