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Nathan Widder - Postgraduate Department Overview

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

We've got four main research clusters, I should say. We've got research centers that are linked to each of them.

The first one is European Politics, we've got a very good group of people doing work on the European Parliament, on European integration, German politics in German UK relations, and also EU foreign and security policy.

We have a very solid group of political theorists working primarily in contemporary political fall, a cross with Anglo American analytical theory and applied philosophy, as well as, European philosophy.

We have a group working on internet media politics and they are part of a new political communication unit. They work on the role of the internet in political campaigns through all the internet, also in social movement, internet, and radicalization as well.

Finally we have a developing strong international relations group and a center for global transnational politics. I would say that the strengths really in terms of staff research interest really fall into area studies. So we have people who are Africa specialists, Far East, Middle East, NATO, and US foreign policy experts, and also themes of particularly, globalization, and the emergence of global politics.

We have a stream structure for our master's program, and seven streams in total. Contemporary pre-political theory, European politics, global politics, international relations, international relations theory, new political communication, and transnational security studies.

The postgraduate talk programs can be taken either as a postgraduate diploma, which is course work and it ends in June, or master's which will also include a dissertation that's written and completed over the summer, and submitted in September.

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