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Nina Quinlan - Facilities and Resources

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

You can already tell that this is a slightly different way of learning than other master's programs. What that means is that we have to be really inventive in the way that we deliver. So on campus the students have access to the normal resources that students do; the computer suits, the libraries, any technical or sports equipment that they may need.

But actually as the majority of this is distance learning we use a hold range of learning technologies to make sure that our students get fully involved, so we use videos. We use software programs such as Articulate, which gives spoken and engaging presentations rather than just asking out students to read. We use radio articles, we look at electronic journal articles. We do critiquing, we use foreign, and discussion debates. And the teaching methods; things such as problem focus learning, so that our students are addressing real problems. So it's inventive in the way that we engage with our students.

Despite the fact that our students on this course are not on campus for the majority of their learning. We have a really supportive ethos towards all of our students. A student will never be just a name, or just a face, an electronic face. We know all of our students. We set a close and extensive support mechanisms, peer support mechanisms. And all of our students receive lots of tutorial support. And then finally, our staff expertise on the program. The course has got a number of different things; from nutrition, to sport, to exercise, and to health, and employment related health and well-being. And our staff have expertise, and active research in all of these areas that they bring into the course.

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