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Robert Shaughnessy - Employability and Applicants

Last Updated:

10th July 2013

There's a broad range again in terms of the kinds of careers that students in arts and humanity disciplines tended to go into, sort of creative industries set in the broadest sense. We've had a very good track record of students, particularly post-graduate students, forming theater companies and working in the theater industry. Not necessarily going on being actors, but sort of working together in small scale theater companies.

So, we've also had quite a lot of students who have gone into arts administration and sort of working within the theater as promoters, administrators, marketing and those kind of careers. And teaching as well, that students go into the teaching profession.

The [inaudible 00:00:55] those clearly self-motivated and they've got a kind of sense of initiative and creative scope for originality and somebody that's going to work well in a team, work well in a group. So we'd always be looking a combination of practical potential aptitude along with, I suppose, the intellectual scholarly strengths. We look sort of both of those in terms of the applications that we receive.

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