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Simon Brook - Contact and Employability

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

What we try to do is offer the courses and modules, pathways and awards, as flexibly as we can.

That means, firstly, that people can come in and do modules in different orders but also, we offer them flexibly. Day, weekly, different kinds of delivery. Some people do them at distance and will come in for sessions. Some people come with a sort of blended learning approaches.

So what we need to do is offer them flexibly, not only because of people's general demands on their work and home life and everything else but also, because the demand in clinical practice, particularly in the NHS, is such, that if we didn't offer them flexibly, they wouldn't be able to come. We really have to cater to our clients on that.

I think it's absolutely essential because why would people come on courses if employability wasn't part of it. Often these people have a degree of experience in their working lives but they're seeking to develop their skills, yes and understanding, ability to develop their leadership qualities. All of this, put together means that they are, in a very competitive market, able to go forward, and put themselves for positions that they wouldn't otherwise have thought about applying for. So it's very important.

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