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Simon Collinson - Facilities & Staff

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

The kind of facilities we have at Birmingham business school, are what you'd expect from any leading business school. We have an excellent range of, let's just say it is syndicate rooms for breakout sessions for students, but we also connect with other departments across campus. So, we share facilities like student guild, and excellent sports facilities at the University of Birmingham.

Also, there's opportunity to share courses with engineering, and the medical school, and other parts of the University. It's a campus university with that lovely space here, and the business school has it's own area, its own set of teaching rooms, as well as facility offices over here. We have an excellent set of staff and facility at our growing business school. In particular, we're not just all about academic credentials, we have excellent scholars here, great professors, of course, that are leaders in their field.

We also have a range of faculty that obviously have got experience in working with business. We have some interesting people from the media, some of them Sky. We have someone who worked with Land Rover. We recently had Land Rover here with us on campus, discussing things with students, and working with faculty on a marketing launch for a new car. So, the faculty have that experience and they bring that experience to bear in the class room. In terms of our connections with the outside world, they enable students who work with the long, hard programs to bridge across to different companies and different organizations.

We also have an excellent entrepreneurship program that work on small businesses and enterprise. Some of these specialists, for example, have started their own businesses. They've worked, also directly helping businesses start up in the region, and the successes out of there are used as cases for students who are learning on the programs. There's a direct connection between what we deliver on teaching programs, our research, and the faculty here at business school.

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