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Stephen Gibson - Postgraduate Overview

Last Updated:

10th July 2013

The MSc in the Psychology of Child and Adolescent Development is a twelve month full-time course, or doing it part-time you can do it, usually over three years, although we can vary it so we can accommodate particular individual needs, between two and five years. So, there is a bit of flexibility in there.

If you're on that course, you'd be doing a series of taught modules and the full-time route in the first two teaching semesters of the year .You'd be doing a Psychology of Child Development alongside a research methods module, in the first semester. In the second semester, you'd be doing the Psychology of Adolescent Development, alongside a module called 'Psychological Science' in the second semester and that module, 'Psychological Science,' is really intended to place your studies of Developmental Psychology in the context of a wider discipline of psychology, and adds quite a strong careers focus to it, as well, that module.

Even in semester two, you start to think about your Masters dissertation, which here we have a slightly different take on the Masters dissertation. Rather than the sort of standard thesis write up, we actually call the module the 'research paper module.' What that involves is, you as a student, will be writing up a piece of independent research, that you conduct with a supervisor, as one would expect with a traditional Masters dissertation but the slightly novel twist is that you do that with a view to tailoring to a particular journal in the field. So rather than us setting you a certain format, you've got to write according to, you select the format stipulated by a particular journal in your field.

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