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Sue Clayton - Applicants

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

MAs, we look at a whole range of different people. We have some students who are very bright, who are still young. They come off their first BA course or something like that, Art degree, and are looking to push straight on and say, "I know I'm a documentary maker," or "I know I want to be a producer." That's great. They fly straight through into their MA and then on they go.

We have another kind of student who has maybe had a career already in the business or is part-way through their career and wants to come back an reflect a bit more and maybe broaden their skills, especially with screenwriting. A lot of our students are in their 30s and 40s. We have Lenny Henry, for instance, who was only known as a comedian, although obviously very famous, but he wanted to write straight drama. He came back and wrote a fantastic straight drama feature script and has now gone on to do a PhD., where he's, in part, writing another script as part of his PhD.

So, we're not just looking for bright, young things. We're also looking for bright, slightly older people who have got more to bring, more to offer, and who may be a little bit nervous about coming back into higher education. We give them a lot of support and encouragement, a very welcoming kind of environment.

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