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Vybarr Cregan-Reid - Postgraduate Overview

We cover a wide range of expertise in the department. It's a large department. We have about 35 members of faculty here, and that range of expertise is reflected in the number of courses that we're able to offer to MA students. So, we have everything from the Medievals through to the Post- Modern. So, we have an MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and an MA in 18th Century Studies.

We have, I think, the only Dickens MA, possibly in the world that's taught. We also have MA's in Creative Writing, Critical Theory, Post-Colonial studies and an MA in English and American studies as well.

Quite a number of these MA's can be taught between Kent and between the satellites that we have in Paris.

The school is very strong in terms of its research and we have world leading researchers in the department. We have [inaudible 00:01:00] who's a Booker nominated novelist in the department. We have Professor Donna Landry who's a world leading 18th century Post- Colonial scholar, and there's Dr. Cathy Walters who is a Dickens scholar and there's many others that are connected to the numerous research centres that are active in English here.

English (Kent) has got a really, really good, high rate of graduate employment.

Students, I'd say its sort a myriad of careers really, but the most common one would be things like teaching, there'd be journalism, writing, publishing of various kinds, local and national government.

It's more to do with the specific skill set that an MA will provide you with. It's very valuable to a whole host of employers. For example, you'll develop skills that will mean that you can work to very tight deadlines, that you can manage multiple work-loads, and most importantly actively demonstrate that you can work unsupervised, as well.

Your dissertation, that you'll do for your MA in English means that you work with a supervisor for several weeks, but after that it really is up to you to put together your research, and bring a project to fruition. These are great skills to take to an employer.

For an MA applicant we need a two:one in English or above, but we look at any good quality applicants, and for PhD we like to see a good, coherent, interesting research project that looks achievable within the time frame.

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