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University Of East London articles

  • Helen Mitchell - Department Overview

    We have a wide range of provision at post graduate level in the household of education communities. We've got a core program, which is the MA education program, and I will talk about how that works an...

    04th July 2013
  • Chris Pawson - Strengths

    Strengths of the school are the applied nature, the fact that we've got so many applied professional doctorates and masters program. A student who comes to the School of Psychology to study is going t...

    11th June 2013
  • Chris Pawson - Postgraduate Overview

    There's a very broad portfolio of programs in the school of psychology, particularly at post grad level. We have a very strong applied focus trying to encourage the development of employability in ou...

    11th June 2013
  • Chris Pawson - Employability and Applicants

    In terms of jobs and careers that students would go into post-graduate from UEL, if you are a clinical psychology graduate on the professional doctorate for example, you graduate as a trained clinical...

    11th June 2013
  • Chris Pawson - Facilities

    Chris Pawson, Senior Lecturer within the School of Psychology at the University of East London, talks about the varying facilities available to students at the University, along with the impact this h...

    04th June 2013
  • Carrie Weston - MA Special Educational Needs

    The M.A. special education needs is a new degree. It's a new postgraduate qualification. It started in September 2012. We very much had in mind the government Green Paper when we developed it and the ...

    29th May 2013
  • Ray Ruocco - Postgraduate Overview

    When I worked for the School of Architecture, Computing, and Engineering, which as the name implies has three main subject areas, as our strength. Our computing itself could be further broken down int...

    29th May 2013
  • Ray Ruocco - Facilities and Staff

    Well, we are very fortunate to be based on a purpose-built - modern purpose-built university campus as you see from our web pages. And therefore, we have access to state of the art teaching facilities...

    29th May 2013
  • Ray Ruocco - Employability

    Ray Ruocco, Principal Lecturer of the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering at the University of East London, draws on the high employability ratings of his school and explains the benefit...

    29th May 2013
  • Dominic Hingorani - Facilities and Staff

    We're extremely lucky here because London, one, has a wonderful art scene but secondly in that respect it can sometimes be difficult for University to provide very strong technical facilities. Now her...

    29th May 2013