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University Of Hertfordshire articles

  • Jeremy Ridgman - Postgraduate Overview

    The School of Humanities at the University of Hertfordshire covers six broad subject areas. There's English literature and creative writing, history, philosophy, languages, multimedia communications, ...

    12th June 2014
  • Penny Carey - Legal Studies Diploma and MA Law

    Let's start with the graduate diploma in Legal Studies. So this is a conversion course for nominal students. I would say perhaps what differentiates us from other providers is that we recognize the in...

    12th June 2014
  • Penny Carey - Legal Practice Course

    The whole emphasis is on the quality of the student experience. We're very pleased that we have a very vibrant and diverse student body on our LMN in particular. And we ask students to bring the diffe...

    29th July 2013
  • Richard Price - Partnerships & International Links

    We've been operating in the health area now for at least 20 years and in that time we've really developed strong, robust relationships with the National Health Service so it's really working with a wh...

    24th July 2013
  • Jerry Forrester - Resources and Strengths

    We have very good facilities here at the campus. We're very pleased to see the wide range of facilities here. We just recently refurbished our atrium, which is just outside here, and that's been a tre...

    09th July 2013
  • Jerry Forrester - Postgraduate Overview

    We have a very wide range of postgraduate programs in the Business School. In fact, we offer 12 postgraduate taught course including an MBA and Masters in a variety of disciplines. Such as project man...

    09th July 2013
  • Mary Read - Applicants

    We have a wide range of people applying to us for post graduate study. I think one of the things that's quite important is that we're not necessarily looking for someone who's got huge academic skill...

    09th July 2013
  • Mary Read - Postgraduate Overview

    Mary Read, Head of the School of Education at The University of Hertfordshire, tells us about the typical teacher-based work that her school does with students, exploring the various stages of their t...

    09th July 2013
  • Jeremy Ridgman - Strengths and Employability 2

    I would say the strengths of our department are three-fold. First of all, the strong academic quality that underpins everything that we do. We are one of the strongest research departments in the Univ...

    11th June 2013
  • Jeremy Ridgman - Staff and Contact Time

    Well, we obviously have a number of our members and staff who are highly qualified. They all have PhDs. A number of them would be professors who would be teaching on these courses. So, they come from ...

    11th June 2013