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University Of Kent articles

  • Aylish Wood - Contact Time

    In terms of contact hours with students, the MAs are taught courses so you'd have a much stronger sense of staff contact hours simply because you have a timetable. So the taught MA modules with a coun...

    12th June 2014
  • Paul Fretwell - Employability and Applicants

    We've got a very good employability record here at Kent. The most recent data we have for our music graduates, I think it was over 90 percent are in full time employment or further education. So we're...

    17th December 2013
  • Paul Fretwell - Postgraduate Department Overview

    I'll speak little bit now about the School of Music of Fine Art. I'm the curriculum leader for music here, so I'll talk a little bit about what we offer with music. With our post-graduate degrees, we ...

    17th December 2013
  • Martin Hammer - Department Overview

    Martin Hammer, Professor of History & Philosophy of Art within the Department of History & Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent, overviews the department in terms of its uniqueness, and the par...

    17th December 2013
  • Martin Hammer- Course Overview

    So let me say something about the particular modules that feature in the [virtual] philosophy of our program. The one that I know that is particularly popular is called Post Conceptual Arts from the C...

    17th December 2013
  • Peter Hatton - School Overview

    Welcome to the School of Music and Fine Art at the University of Kent. We are an interdisciplinary course. That is the basis of our research ethos and graduate teaching. All members of staff are pract...

    17th December 2013
  • Peter Hatton - Research Groups

    A student who comes on to one of our programmes will be part of the practice of research centre that we have here. But, within the School of Music and Fine Art, and certainly in the broader faculty of...

    17th December 2013
  • Peter Hatton - Facilities and Staff

    Peter Hatton, Programme Director for Creative Events within the School of Music & Fine Art at the University of Kent, discusses the practical facilities specific to art students, the general library ...

    17th December 2013
  • Peter Hatton - Employability and Applicants

    What we're looking for and what we're interested in are graduates who kind of see themselves as artists, as practitioners, who want to kind of specialize. They want to develop to a very high standard ...

    17th December 2013
  • Richard Sakwa - Jobs and Careers

    Richard Sakwa, Head of the School of Politics & International Relations at the University of Kent, discusses how graduates tend to go and work for a number of international organisations, empowered wi...

    07th August 2013