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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education

I am extremely grateful to Al-maktoum College for giving me the opportunity to attend college.
To date, my overall experience has been incredible, and it has given a lot of value to my life. read full review
Good online sessions
Needs better use of short videos to explain concepts. read full review
Growing up in Ghana, a country which is a repository of rich and diverse cultures and with more than fifty indigenous tribes and languages, I have met people from all walks of life, an experience that has given me a privilege of learning a great deal of stuff but enrolling at Al-Maktoum college was a game-changer for me.

Al-Maktoum college is one of the best places to study because it is a place where potential and ability is valued over background or ethnicity.

The well-structured curriculum provides students with in-depth knowledge in whatever discipline they choose to study.

The teaching staff are always willing to help students in whatever difficulties the student is facing, being it academic or personal. And they are always very understanding and supportive.

The non-teaching staff have created a kind and comfortable environment in the college. You receive a reply within 24 hour whenever you send an email to any office.
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It was such a great opportunity to receive an offer to study with Al-Maktoum College and learn about Sustainable Development. My background is in finance and social finance. During studying in college, I gain so much insight regarding the economy from the social perspective which is very relevant to the current human development. I personally have always been interested in economic development, and this course has given me so much knowledge regarding green finance, green technology, ethical economy and how the economic sectors and individual decision contributes to the sustainable human wellbeing of a larger society. This course has answered the social challenges of living in modern life with rapid technological advancement. It would be great if the college also includes a lot more green economy projects in the course so that the students could gain more practical experience and get more engaged with any community-based sectors for future collaboration. Even sometimes there is a delay from the staff which might be caused by the current pandemic situation, they are quite helpful with the students' needs. Cheers!

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As a matter of fact I really enjoyed the time I spent at the Al-Maktoum college and I am still having a good time. While doing my professional diploma I was able to sickbed potential areas I can further my education on and this is a memory I will continue to cherish. In general it was an unforgettable and sweet experience. read full review
The overall experience was very interesting, impactful and fun-filled. The lecturers were very amiable, approachable and knowledgeable. The learning environment was very conducive with necessary facilities. I gained extensive knowledge of Islamic economics, law and finance alongside practical application in the real world read full review
So nice i learned alot and the people there where truly helpful and ready to help in any matter. The place is good and the city is quiet which helps in studying read full review
Perfect place to study. Staff, faculty, and admin are all awesome and supportive. Teaching methods in my university stand out when comparing to other universities. Im glad I got the chance to study in this university. read full review
My overall experience so far was really great and i would like to experience it again. I would like to have more school friends and after school activities Like academic and also social activities read full review